We sold over 500 pieces to places all around the world and exclusively received positive feedback and ratings from our customers. This has three key reasons. 



Fair prices

Our products are on average less than 50% of the retail price with a majority of our pieces being in good or even new condition. This has the result that our prices are often significantly lower than the ones of well established fashion retailers.  

Reliable shipping

We shipped hundreds of parcels to every continent of this planet and we have never experienced that a parcel got lost. This stems from the fact that we use the best shipping services available. Additionally, every item is dispatched on the next business day or even on the same day which leads to good overall shipping times.

Accurate item description

When it comes to describing a piece we try to highlight every detail in our high quality pictures and in the product description. The same applies for the condition. We manage to openly and accurately determine and state the condition of our pieces. Additional to that we give precise measurements with an objective estimation of the fit compared to traditional sizing systems.